Even though the streets of Alexandria were flooded with zombies in The Walking Dead's midseason finale, our band of survivors were prepared to fight back.

But will Rick (Andrew Lincoln) & Co. actually be able to make a stand? The premiere episode (Sunday, Feb. 14 at 9/8c, AMC) picks up exactly where the action left off, and the odds look just as insurmountable as they did before. However, look for a rage-filled Rick to lead an attack so ill-advised yet so successful that it inspires even the most timid Alexandrians to pick up a weapon and bash walker heads.

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Unfortunately, that inspiring wave of energy is the direct result of a major tragedy that befalls a group of significant characters pretty early on. (Let's just say the show wastes little time adding to the body count.) Plus: Keep your eye out for a major moment from the comic books that should have major reverberations through the rest of the season.

Watch the first four minutes of Sunday's premiere below.

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