Lauren Cohan Lauren Cohan

Lauren Cohan has a nasty habit of getting killed off popular sci-fi shows just as her star is on the rise. As Supernatural's Bela, she was devoured by Hell hounds and as The Vampire Diaries' Rose, she was killed by a werewolf bite (she was spared on Chuck after trying to kill Sarah).

But if her new Walking Dead gig follows the trajectory of the graphic novels from which the AMC series is based, Lauren may have found a job with stability — her Maggie Greene is among Farmer Hershel's fortunate few children who survive the zombie plague.

"If Maggie's entrance is anything to go by, we have a lot to look forward to" when Season 2 begins in October, says Lauren, calling from the Georgia set. "She wears jeans, kick-ass boots and rides a horse. She's very steely and views Glenn [Steven Yuen] as a leader and the cutest of the bunch."

An old Victorian farmhouse is being used as the Hershels' ravaged sanctuary. "When you walk in, you get a sense of the happy family memories that were there," Lauren says, "and the desperation of how they live now."

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