Walking Dead Michonne action figure Walking Dead Michonne action figure

Badass alert! Fans of AMC's The Walking Dead won't officially meet Michonne, the sword-wielding zombie slayer played by Danai Gurira, until the series returns for Season 3 in October — but her action figure won't wait! It's part of the exclusive swag that series creator Robert Kirkman will make available at his Skybound booth at Comic-Con next month in San Diego.

The McFarlane Toys limited edition collectible — known as Bloody Michonne — will look mighty familiar to fans of the Walking Dead comics because Michonne sports the same blood-splattered poncho she wore upon her first encounter with Rick and the other survivors. The six-inch figure, selling for $25, is fully accessorized and boasts 22 points of articulation. The packaging features new art by Walking Dead comics great Charlie Adlard. A bloody version of Michonne's katana sword is included, along with various implements of revenge including her hammer, pliers and power drill. No word yet on when McFarlane plans to put out an action figure with Michonne's wildest fashion accessory — two armless, jawless zombies on a chain!

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