I have been waiting my whole life for a show like this! OK, not my whole life, but its been a good few months since Ive seen such a solid, exciting, mysterious show. The kind of show that leaves you with more questions than answers Thank you, TV gods.

In one fell swoop, and eerie coincidence, we see Russell Varon (Eddie Cibrian) and his divided family deal with the aftermath of "Hurricane Eve." I loved the warning that aired before the show began, alerting me to the sensitive material. I suppose thats reasonable, given the obvious, though morbid, irony. But hey, at least this Floridian town followed the preparedness rulebook. Eve was so vicious and malicious that the screen door to Russells house was knocked off its hinges, Wizard of Oz twister-style. But, like Uncle Dave (Tyler Labine) mused, the hurricane could merely be "a smokescreen cooked up by the military."

Seriously. Id buy that for a dollar. The mysterious specks of light that burst fiercely from the water early on and the lights little Rosie later witnessed landing in the water are definitely not the norm. Nor is the creepy sheriff (William Fichtner), who looked conspiratorial within seconds. First he quelled his daughters fears by downplaying the storm, wearing a far-off, creepy gaze. The very same gaze he had when he put the entire area under quarantine. And how about that duplicitous look on his face when he was wheeling his disoriented wife out of the hospital the morning after the storm? She knew something was happening to her. But the sheriff merely told Russell and the kids that "tomorrow shell be better than ever." I then realized that tomorrow Mariel would be a Stepford Wife and indeed she was. Its one of those things that makes you go hmm. It sure looks like Uncle Dave was on to something.