Who else is waiting for someone to come on the screen at the end of this whole show and go, "Gotcha! You've been Punk'd." I'd be so happy if they did that, because then at least I'd know they didn't really want us to take it seriously. Sure, every promo is about how it's real lawyers, real cases and real people. But then they go and try two cases where the most important words are "eat me" and "dominatrix." You have got to be kidding me! This has to be a joke. I couldn't stop laughing when the judge in the dominatrix case asked about G-strings, pasties and diapers and then proceeded to say he had no experience in this area. Still, I was thankful for him and the nutty judge in the poster case. They at least showed some personality. Well, I guess Olivier did too, but he just showed that he's an idiot and a bit of a pig two qualities that really do wonders for the reputations of all those in the legal profession. I wasn't surprised that Anika got nixed, since she totally messed up, but I was sort of shocked that Elizabeth was also dismissed, because I didn't even know she was on the show. I swear they didn't show her before the pseudo-boardroom scene. On a positive note, at least they're getting rid of them of two at a time. Can you imagine if we had to sit through 16 weeks of this?