<EM>Tommy Lee Goes to College</EM> Tommy Lee Goes to College

Wait a second. Did April just make a strategic decision without the complete approval of the hive mind? Seriously, I'm impressed that she didn't fall victim to Ivette's big crocodile tears. It almost makes up for the fact that she called all of America and Big Brother's fans "pieces of s--t." Real nice. Comments like that make it obvious why the viewers decided to give the phone call from home to Janelle and not to her or anyone else in the so-called Friendship. It will be interesting when Ivette has to choose whom to vote for and show her true colors to the rest of the Friendship  Will she start campaigning against Howie? I don't think it will work too well. I think that Maggie will finally get her wish and the game's most manipulative man will have gotten played by this season's arguably weakest housemate. I mean, better people have tried to get him out, and it might be April who puts the final nail in his coffin? Never saw that coming. But James did see it coming when he was asked to host the POV competition instead of getting a chance to be in the game. His assessment that he was hosting his own funeral seemed pretty spot-on. Guess come Thursday we'll see if I have to write a nice eulogy for him, or if I have to be all disappointed because house goofball Howie has gone belly-up.