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Virgin River's Alexandra Breckenridge Teases Relationship 'Obstacles' for Mel and Jack in Season 3

Babies and drama are on the way!

Megan Vick

We've had to wait eight long months for new episodes of Virgin River on Netflix, but series star Alexandra Breckenridge teases that fans are in for a hell of a ride when they return to the idyllic northern California town on July 9.

"There's a lot of new characters that we're following relationship dynamics between. There are about four relationships that we're following, and they mirror each other in some ways, and yet they're totally different," the actress told TV Guide ahead of Season 3. "I think the show this season takes you on a big rollercoaster. That's similar to the last couple seasons, but you get to ride emotional journeys with new characters that you haven't seen before."

Of course, at the top of everyone's mind is how Mel and Jack (Martin Henderson) are doing after he was shot at the end of Virgin River Season 2. The Season 3 trailer confirmed that he survives the dangerous encounter, and Breckenridge says a three-week time jump at the start of the season will see Jack on the mend, but that doesn't mean Mel isn't worried. 

"I think [seeing Jack wounded] was extremely emotionally tumultuous for her, to say the least. I think it was super over-stimulative for her, in regards to her husband and what happened to him," Breckenridge revealed. "When we see [Mel] in Season 3, she's really just trying to hold it together for Jack. She doesn't want to upset him. She wants him to recover. She knows medically what's going on with him, and so I think she's been able to kind of relax herself." 

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Jack's gunshot wound may not be stressing Mel out, but when the topic of babies comes up, the fan-favorite couple is going to hit a major roadblock in their semi-new relationship. Mel has finally reached a point where she's ready to try becoming a mom again, but Jack already has twins on the way with Charmaine (Lauren Hammersley), and adding a third child to the mix isn't what he'd consider ideal. 

"It will be an obstacle, especially because he's already having babies with Charmaine. However, I don't know that Mel is saying, 'Let's have babies tomorrow,'" Breckenridge said, wasting no time defending her character. "I think she's just kind of trying to put it out there because she knows this is something that she wants ultimately, and she knows what he's going through, and she wants to find out if he's going to be on board." 

If he's not on board, will this be the end of Jack and Mel, even if they only officially got together in Season 2? There's just one more week until fans find out. Virgin River Season 3 premieres Friday, July 9 on Netflix. 

Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, Virgin River

Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, Virgin River