Vince proposed to Mandy Moore?! That is a riot. Even funnier is that it's known as the "Walk to Remember Incident." But really, like he would go so stalker-gaga over Andy Roddick's ex oh, wait. Yeah, that makes sense. We love her. And we love that his still-shattered ego could cost her the Aquagirl gig. Because once that little pop tart gets wind of his plans to get her bounced from James Cameron's comic-book epic, you know she's gonna whip out some of that good-girl-gone-bad ballsiness that made Saved one of the greatest holy-roller comedies ever. Though I have to say I'm a little concerned about Drama's Jack Nicholson routine on the surfer who cut him off. Road rage can be fun, don't get me wrong. But going full-on golf-club kamikaze? Not pretty. Unless it's Ari hosing Josh Weinstein for spilling his real age to the folks at the "Under 40" photo spread. Now that is going to be gorgeous.