Seth Meyers' wife Alexi gave birth to their son Ashe Olsen (his wife's maiden name and his mother's maiden name) on Easter Sunday. After taking the day off Monday to be with his family, Meyers returned to work at Late Night on Tuesday and told the funny and dramatic story of the birth, from Alexi's contractions and Seth's contractions app to the people of New York City's nonchalant reaction to Alexi's screaming out the window of an Uber, to the bunny ears on the nurses who delivered Ashe — it was Easter, after all — to how surreal it is to all of a sudden be a parent.

Then Meyers' former Saturday Night Live colleague Tracy Morgan stopped by and dropped off a gift for baby Ashe: a giant bowl of condoms.

"Baby Meyers, don't get anyone pregnant before the age of 30," Morgan wrote on the card. Hey, Tracy Morgan has four kids, the oldest of whom is now 30. His parenting advice comes from a place of experience.