Now things get fun. In this video from my One Tree Hill set visit, Hilarie Burton (aka Only One of the Coolest Girls in the World) shares her reaction to reading the season-finale cliffhanger script. (As she puts it, all the gals were wondering, "Which one of us is going to be making out with Chad all year?!") That's at the 1:30 mark.

Hilarie then goes on to weigh in on the imminent end of the love triangle/rectangle/"stop sign" by suggesting that series creator Mark Schwahn will get bored and revisit it (2:20). Other topics include the arrival of punk rocker John Doe as Peyton's maybe-daddy (2:40) and the possible return of Bryan Greenberg as Jake (3:45).

Reader questions answered include the other Tree Hill character she'd like to play (4:20), the song she'd use to describe the "Leyton" romance (5:10; Awkward Dancing Matt Alert at 5:30!); her latest ghost problems (6:30) and, yes, her take on the show's best kisser (7:45).

Short story: I want to give Hilarie her own vodcast someday. Enjoy! - Matt Mitovich

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