The McCarthys The McCarthys

There's one ground rule for starring on The McCarthys: no bad Boston accents.

"If you don't have it, don't do it," Jimmy Dunn tells

"No one is faking a Boston accent," Beantown native Joey McIntyre adds.

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The CBS sitcom (premiering Thursday at 9:30/8:30c) follows the titular, filter-less Southie family whose youngest son, Ronny (Tyler Ritter

), has just come out. "The goal is to make people laugh, so there's going to be humor. There are going to be some controversial things," Ritter says. "It is all based in love and accepting each other as a family that really loves each other."Check out our video interview for more scoop — and what their Hallmark card saying would be.

The McCarthys: No bad Boston accents allowed!

The McCarthys premieres Thursday at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.(Full disclosure: is owned by CBS.)