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[Warning: The following article contains major spoilers about the Season 3 finale ofHomeland. Read at your own risk!]

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While chatting with Access Hollywood before the SAG Awards Saturday night, Jennifer Lawrence got starstruck when she noticed Homeland star Damian Lewis being interviewed next to her.

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Shaun Robinson introduced the two actors, but then dropped a major spoiler on Lawrence (who noted that she's only seen the first two seasons of the Showtime series) by telling her that Lewis' Brody gets killed off in the Season 3 finale.

"What?!" a visibly stunned Lawrence said, while Lewis protested (too late) about the spoiler.

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Robinson eventually apologized, but it was too late. "It's past mad," she told Robinson about her feelings. "It's this weird other emotion." The Oscar nominee finally sums it up by telling Robinson: "You're a monster."

Check out the video below to see Lawrence hilariously try to process the information: