Shayne and Matt Grant by Adam Larkey/ABC Shayne and Matt Grant by Adam Larkey/ABC

If the romantic (and sometimes totally over-the-top-embarrassing) journey that this season's Bachelor just took is still wrenching your heart, you can watch the love unfold all over again, on VH-1.

Yes, the 'net that brought us "celebreality" as one word now is simply bringing on "reality," with its purchase of 130 hours of The Bachelor's ups, downs and steamy moments - and then some - which originally went down on ABC. A VH-1 exec told Variety, "People will watch it again for the intrigue, romance and backstabbing." Not surprisingly, the exec did not include "painful bachelorette serenades" in that list - clearly a savvy marketing mind at work there.

The network will fill much of the first week in June with the reruns, keeping it on hand for as-needed slots in the future. Will you tune in to relive the love? Or were you over it at first sight? - Anna Dimond

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