Hope y'all enjoyed Veronica Mars this season, 'cause although UPN renewed the flat-out brilliant detective dramedy, come fall, it's burying the show — that is, moving it to Wednesdays at 9 pm/ET opposite Lost. (Groan.) Other upfront revelations from the network that gets no respect: Kevin Hill is out, and two new comedies will join Eve and Cuts on Thursday nights — Everybody Hates Chris, about Chris Rock's childhood (with the jokester serving as the narrator) and Love, Inc., with Shannen Doherty as a matchmaker. (Like she'll do any better at it than Alicia Silverstone?) Denise Richards, meanwhile, will star in UPN's only new fall drama, Sex, Lies & Secrets, which sounds so much like Melrose Place, we can already smell the chlorine in the pool. Come midseason, UPN will fill the canceled soap's time slot — granted, I'm just guessing here — with South Beach, another prime-time sudser, this one produced by J.Lo and starring Vanessa L. Williams.