Veronica Mars
So weird to watch the initial aftermath of the bus crash, and I loved seeing the whole scene with

Kevin Smith  this time for different reasons. The first time around I just loved that Kevin was a clerk, but now I loved marveling at the fact that there were bus-crash souvenirs. It is really terrifying and such a true glimpse at real situations. Honestly, I keep expecting there to be guys on the street corners in New York City selling I Survived the Transit Strike of 2005 T-shirts any day now. There are always people out there looking to make a quick buck out of a bad situation. I know our little crime-fighter is busy taking down baddies and all, but maybe she could spare a few moments somewhere to scold these dudes. Plus, in this episode we learned that Meg survived, but in the last new episode she died things change so fast. I gotta say that since Wallace headed out of Neptune, it's been nice that we havent had to deal with self-absorbed Jackie for a while. Not that shes so intolerable or anything, just a little bit grating. And if she and Wallace do reunite (though that looks doubtful), will she be annoyed that he spent his New Year's Eve with Ms. V?