Veronica Mars
Logan in a towel... sigh. Still good the second time around. I mean, the whole show is awesome, but eye candy just makes it an even tastier treat. That and the whole clever way they incorportate their guest stars. This season alone they've had Kevin Smith and Joss Whedon (both big fans of the show) in appropriate but splash-free roles. Then in this episode "Cheaty Cheaty Bang Bang" (genius title, by the way) they have Dandy Warhols singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor doing a heartbreaking rendition of "Love Hurts" at Java the Hut's karaoke night. Which is an especially cool thing since the Warhols sing the infinitely catchy theme song for the series. And though I took some flak from the few Jackie lovers out there after saying I was glad she hadn't been on in a while, I think I've figured out why I'm predisposed not to like her. Aside from the fact that Veronica doesn't trust the too-cool-for-school girl, she also doesn't like Pride and Prejudice, which is one of my favorite novels. I just love original chick-lit author Jane Austen. Oh, and can someone explain to me why UPN thought that it would be a smart move to run a commercial for the best-of Reba McIntyre two-CD set during a repeat of Veronica? Just a hunch, but they don't seem targeted for the same demographic. Maybe I'm wrong. Are there a bunch of closet Reba fans who dig this cult show?  Angel Cohn


Another double whammy of repeats. First, we found out what Ana Lucia's deal was and got to see how the other islanders didn't exactly welcome with open arms the woman who killed Shannon. Then we got to see what Kate did to put herself on the run in the first place and why she ended up on the path to self-destruction. Oh, and there was that awesome Kate-and-Jack kiss and the really pretty horse. It's interesting to have these two episodes paired together because there are a lot of similarities between Kate and Ana Lucia. Both of them are strong women who have had some problems with either obeying the law or enforcing the law. They both also have a lot to be angry about in their lives and seem to be excellent at keeping secrets. Even though Kate is arguably the real "outlaw" for torching her step dad and robbing a bank, and Ana Lucia just has some anger-management issues, it's still easier to like Kate. Perhaps it is the big doe eyes and softer demeanor, but I still find myself wanting to try to warm up to Ana Lucia. Maybe that should be my New Year's resolution.   Angel Cohn
A repeat from early in the season, but since I hadn't seen it, it was new to me and that's almost as good as it not being a rerun. Plus, Amy Acker was on, playing a sweet mother to a son who's suffering from posttraumatic stress. Her cute little accent reminded me of when she first showed up on Angel as a goodie-goodie before transforming into the evildoer she later became and the troublemaker she is now portraying on Alias. It was nice to see her flip back to good Amy. Really shows off her range! Plus, she totally charmed me when she told Sam to tell his friend "this whole Jerry Maguire thing isn't going to work on me." Cute pop-culture reference. But the kid that was causing everyone to drown, not so cute... in fact he was downright creepy. That scene where his head popped out of the water was just icky. Plus, now I'm afraid to turn on the water in my sink because god only knows what is going to come out. This is why I really shouldn't watch shows like this. Weird little kids give me nightmares. I'm much better with vengeful adult spirits or big monsters.   Angel Cohn