Veronica Mars
"Why can't the evil just get jobs like the rest of us?" Good question posed by our heroine, who is tasked with investigating a string of pizza-delivery robberies. I guess if they worked 9-to-5 gigs, Mars Investigations would be kaput and Veronica would be clocking a bunch more hours over at Java the Hut. Actually Mars Investigations might be taking a bit of a hit anyway if Terrence Cook turns out to be guilty, though can anyone really blame Keith for wanting to think the best of his idol? And my money is still on Steve Guttenberg as the person responsible for the bus crash. His whole separate privileged Neptune idea never sat well with me, and it is in his airplane hangar where Veronica found the explosives in question.

Loved when Keith was teasing his daughter about thinking that Jackie wasn't warm and cuddly. "Whereas you warm right up to people?" Too cute. And speaking of too cute, Logan's new girlfriend is just about the most adorable thing to ever hit Neptune High, though the actress Jessy Schram really reminds me of Brittany Snow for some reason. And did you catch the look on Veronica's face when she found out that Hannah's daddy is a plastic surgeon? That's gonna be trouble for Logan, and I can't wait! Meanwhile Logan's good buddy Dick had the best line of the night: "You're like rich-dude kryptonite, Veronica." It's true, the 09ers all seem to wind up in some kind of trouble with the law after run-ins with the world's cutest crime solver. And solve the mystery of the pizza-delivery scandal she did. All signs pointed to Laguna Beach's Kristin Cavalleri (who can apparently act and not just be annoying). She played a perky cheerleader who really just ran the scam so that she and her girlfriend could come out of the closet together. According to the spirit-squader, being a lesbian isn't cool until you are in college. But her ultimate desire of wanting to walk down Neptune's often close-minded halls holding hands with her significant other almost made her blackmailing the rest of the school's gay kids kinda sweet. Angel Cohn

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