Beverly Hills 90210 courtesy Paramount Beverly Hills 90210 courtesy Paramount

Donna Martin's son graduates? OK, maybe we aren't quite there yet but the CW is developing a spin-off of Beverly Hills, 90210 - and no less than Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is in talks to bring it to life.

Details about the premise and whether any original cast members will reprise their roles are sketchy, says the Reporter, but the netlet has fast-tracked the first script and is expected to order a pilot (or not) by the end of the month. Original 90210 creator Darren Star is not involved, says the trade.

What's your take? A fitting companion piece to Gossip Girl, or a recipe for spun-off disaster? Is Rob T. the man to make this work?

More intriguing, which series originals do you think might resurface for this revisiting? Let's take a roll call:
" Jason: Awaiting word on Side Order of Life, Season 2
" Luke: Not awaiting word on Windfall, Season 2
" Ian: Hosting some obscure reality show
" BAG: Rocking Terminator... but for any longer?
" Tori: Slamming mom in new memoir
" Gabrielle: Recovering from partial facial paralysis
" Jennie: Recovering from Dancing with the Stars
" Shannen: Anyone...?

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