Kayla Ewell Kayla Ewell

In the first season of The Vampire Diaries, the troubled Vicki Donovan violently bit the dust after turning into a vampire and failing to keep a low profile, proving that if you want to join the living dead in Mystic Falls, discretion is everything.

It's a lesson that actress Kayla Ewell evidently took to heart, after the stealth mission that marked her return to the show in the Season 2 finale. "That's the most top secret job I've ever done in my life," Ewell told TV Guide Magazine at the MTV Movie Awards on June 5. "I couldn't even tell my brother and sister because they're both in college and I was really afraid that [it would end up on] Facebook and Twitter. So I literally told my mom and dad, and that was it."

In Season 3, Vicki will tend to "unfinished business with my brother, my boyfriend, my ex boyfriend, with so many people," says Ewell. "I'm coming back with a vengeance. It's going to get crazy."

Meanwhile, Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) will be dealing with repercussions of a different kind, after kissing Damon on his deathbed. "It's going to be interesting what happens next," Dobrev told us.  "I really would like to see the whole play on Elena and Damon's relationship, what kind of repercussions and what kind of consequences there will be, and what kind of awkwardness there will be. There's so many ways it could go."

Dobrev thinks Elena's heart will always belong to Stefan, even if he's enjoying a taste of the dark side. "You always want what you can't have, and that's why for so long [the writers] have been keeping [Elena and Damon] apart because they want the fans to want what they can't have," she says. "Now that Stefan is gone Elena will want what she can't have and she'll miss him and wonder if he's ok, and I think it will make their relationship stronger."

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