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When The Vampire Diaries returns from hiatus (Thursday, 8/7c, The CW) characters will leave, new ones will be introduced, and one relationship will have a very significant encounter — and that's just in the first episode. Check out six tidbits from "The New Deal":

Everyone is on edge: As far as Elena and Co. are concerned, Klaus, who they attempted to kill, will return at any moment ready to strike back and everyone is acting paranoid with every step they take.

Someone reverts back to their Season 1 behavior: One character has come a long way from their early attitude but that behavior rears its head yet again.

The Vampire Diaries Boss: Elena allows the romantic tension with Damon to come out and play

Someone gets slapped: A confrontation between two major characters ends with a good ol' slap across the face.

There will be blood: Expect not one, but two bloody, cringe-worthy scenes.

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Someone is absent: One of our beloved Mystic Falls residents is absent from the entire episode and that same person's significant other is not very happy with them.

More than one sibling betrays another: The heart of the series may be the brotherly (and brotherly/sisterly) bonds, but more than one of those pairs will so something that takes advantage of their trust — even if it's done to protect the other sibling.

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