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Now that The Vampire Diaries' Elena is transitioning to become a vampire, she has another important choice to make: Will she lean on love Stefan or seek guidance from Damon?

"What people will be surprised about is that, yes, she'll lean on Stefan, but she'll also lean on Damon," Nina Dobrev told on the set of the show in Atlanta. "It's almost like the triangle has been reinstated because at the beginning, there were different qualities she liked about them as a vampire and [now] there are different things she needs from each of them."

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When Season 4 premieres (Thursday, 8/7c on The CW), Elena will wake up from her coma-like state to learn that she died in the car crash with vampire blood in her system and now must complete the transition or die. (Obviously she picks option No. 1.) So how will the even-keeled teen change once she turns into the creature she never wanted to become? "Unpredictable," Dobrev says. "Elena is definitely going to make a lot of mistakes ... and she's going to want to rebel. I think everyone is going to be surprised by what she does."

Watch our video interview below for more on Elena's transition, how it'll affect those around her and if those previously compelled memories of hers will change who she chose to be with.

On the set with The Vampire Diaries: Nina Dobrev

Vampire Diaries'  Dobrev:  Everyone will be surprised by what Elena does as a vampire