Reunited and it feels so... bad? That's what happens when Damon returns to The Vampire Diaries only to find out that things have changed — especially for his love Elena — while he was gone.

"All that he wanted was to come home to his girl and just hold her and have her say everything is going to be OK, and it doesn't pan out that way," Ian Somerhalder told during our recent visit to the show's Atlanta set.

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After escaping the '90s, Damon returns to his friends but is shocked to find that Elena (Nina Dobrev) has wiped her knowledge of loving him. But now that Elena is aware of what Alaric (Matt Davis) did, will she restore her memories or move on with her life at Whitmore College? Somerhalder says Damon will do everything he can to help her choose the former.

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"At the end of the day, it is for love and he's going to try everything he can to get her back and win her back," he says in our video below. "And I think along that journey, he's going to realize not only has he done bad things, [but] he's done some extraordinary things [and] he's a fiercely loyal boyfriend and brother."

Adds Dobrev, "The show was so Delena-heavy and their love was such an epic love and such a big story point for so many years that it's a strange dynamic now to have all that gone. Which is kind of what makes it interesting because it's an Elena we've never seen before."

Watch the video above.

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