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Say goodbye to The Vampire Diaries' love-struck Damon Salvatore.

Throughout two-and-a-half seasons of The CW series, viewers have seen Damon (Ian Somerhalder) go from the cocky bad boy who will kill anyone anywhere to a more vulnerable vampire who finally shared his deep-rooted romantic feelings for Elena (Nina Dobrev). But Somerhalder says Damon is over showing that side of him and ready to return to his old ways.

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"You'll start to really see Damon shift from being repressed and stomped on to really making a shift and getting back this mojo he had," Somerhalder told TVGuide.com. "He realizes, 'I could cut my losses and move forward and be OK.'"

Chatting with the star, he admitted that he's pretty sure there's nothing Damon could do to truly sway Elena into reciprocating his feelings. "I think Matt, Tyler or even the family dog would have a better chance at getting Elena than Damon would," he said. "The thing that this man has done to this poor teenage girl is an insurmountable amount of bad and I can't foresee her turning unless he could get her away from vervain and compel her to forget everything he's ever done. Killing somebody's brother is totally the best way to say I love you! I think she's probably done with the Salvatore brothers for a while."

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As Klaus (Joseph Morgan) pointed out in the recent episode "Bringing Out the Dead," the worst thing for Elena might just be the company of either Salvatore brother. "What each of them has done is unforgivable. It's time for her to move on," Morgan added. And we all know how Damon likes to "move on" — get naked and sudsy with lots of women. "Damon, no matter who he gets it from, needs his mojo back," Somerhalder says. "He's been pining for Katherine and pining for Elena — Damon's not a piner! He needs to stop falling for the Roses of the world and get back to doing what he does best." And what he does best is what Somerhalder says he's most excited for fans to see in upcoming episodes: "Damon back to that Season 1 Damon, the Damon that really had righteous reasons but ill intentions and that's why we loved him."

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