Candice Accola, Paul Wesley Candice Accola, Paul Wesley

Forget a budding romance. Can The Vampire Diaries' Stefan and Caroline even be friends again?

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What began as a bond and developed into (one-sided?) feelings has now become a friendship fraught with tension. And with Stefan ( Paul Wesley) ignoring Caroline's (

Candice Accola) blatant feelings, the last time we saw our favorite blonde, she told him, "After all of this, I don't want to be friends anymore."But can they get past it? Or will a tragedy — perhaps someone close to Caroline in peril — bring them closer?

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"I think Caroline and Stefan can redeem their friendship just because that's what happens in life," Accola tells us in the video below. "Sometimes you can't and friendships are just lost, but when there's grief being experienced, that's a good place to start in rebuilding their friendship because it brings reality to the situation. It'll be interesting to see how they progress."

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