Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Paul Wesley Nina Dobrev, Candice Accola, Paul Wesley

"Greetings from the dead," Kol says in Thursday's episode of The Vampire Diaries.

Yup, get ready to see a few of your favorite — and not-so favorite — fallen victims return in the season's penultimate episode.

"We're going to learn more behind the mythology of lifting the veil and why specific characters ... have returned and why some have not," Candice Accola tells us in this week's Vampire Diaries Bite. "So it's not that every character that's ever been killed off the show is just going to magically appear in one wide shot, but there will be a lot of familiar faces and a story behind each one."

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As the season winds down, viewers and characters alike are wondering what lies ahead post-high school graduation. For Accola, though, she's not worried about what the future will bring.

"It's not shocking for characters to end up in a different city ... and you see them outside of their school environment a lot," Accola says. "So I don't feel like you're going to miss seeing the gang in chemistry class because we've already stepped away from that. There's actually going to be some really beautiful new self-discovery moments for all the characters and that's going to bring the humanity into the series."

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Adds executive producer Julie Plec: "On one hand [we have] the opportunity to open up the world outside Mystic Falls and to bring in new fresh faces in a new environment. On the other hand, if you bifurcate your characters too much, you lose the power of the ensemble. So we'll strike the right balance where we have a strong Mystic Falls story line and we get to play in the college universe as well."

Watch the video for Accola's take on Caroline's future with Tyler:

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