Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley

What are the chances of The Vampire Diaries' Stefan and Elena having a vampire baby as Bella and Edward do in Twilight: Breaking Dawn? — Ashley, via email

Ashley, your question confused the heck out of Paul Wesley (Stefan). "How do vampires have babies?" he asks. "Would the baby be a vampire? Is it born dead? Immortal? Do they come out with baby fangs? Do they stay that age?"

Fortunately, Nina Dobrev (Elena) stepped in to set Paul straight. "We established that our vampires cannot procreate, so Elena would have to get pregnant by someone other than a Salvatore," she says. "And I think the only way they would write that in is if I became pregnant in real life, and the chances of that happening in the next decade are slim to none!"

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