Usually, if I use the words "train wreck," I am referring to a show like Being Bobby Brown. But this edge-of-your-seat hour was all about a train wreck. The main story about the man and the woman stuck together by the metal pole going through each of their bodies was extremely powerful. Can we talk about how phenomenal Monica Keena was as the woman? That gal has come along way since being such a beeyotch on Dawson's Creek. Interesting how Meredith related to Monica's character at the end, since Derek chose the salmon-scrubbed Addison over Meredith. "What about her? You can't just abandon her!" I guess it will make it a more dramatically interesting show with Addison sticking around, but poor Meredith. You knew it killed Derek to have to give Meredith his decision: "She's my wife." Something tells me he hasn't left Meredith for good, though. The other story line of the two best friends who both got pregnant via the same sperm donor just so they could be mothers together and have their babies be siblings was really cool. Loved Izzie asking "so how long have you two been together?" Loved even more that the blonde woman (played by the awesome Cynthia Ettinger) was smilingly like "We're not lovers" without giving a look of disgust. So glad Alex saved the day with the missing leg. Hopefully his confidence will improve and he'll get back to his old self. Yes, I know he failed his boards and only has one more chance to pass, but I didn't think that would cause him to freak out during last week's elevator surgery and to not at least kiss Izzie. I was wrong. Apparently he's not as much of a horndog as I thought he was.