It used to be that when you were watching Desperate Housewives and then a promo for Grey's Anatomy came on, you'd think "Hmm maybe I'll watch it." Now, when you see a promo for GA while watching DH, you're more like "Can't f---ing wait!" OK, maybe some of you don't swear when you say it, but I do. The show just keeps getting better and better. So many highlights, so little space:
- Have you ever seen a husband react the way the husband did when he was told his curmudgeon of a wife survived her fifth open-heart surgery, even after her heart caught on fire? The way he was covering his face when you thought he'd be crying but was actually hysterically laughing was brilliant. "She's like some mythical monster she's never gonna die!" and then "You tell her she'll survive without me," as he walked out. Wow. Props to veteran actor Reni Santoni for that scene alone.
- So glad the pregnant man wasn't actually pregnant. 'Nuff said.
- I love that it was Bailey who told Derek to lay off Meredith. "She's a human traffic accident and everybody's slowing down to look at the wreckage. Leave her to mend!" Loved it even more when Meredith said to Derek "And what are you looking at?" leading him to tell the couples therapist "Meredith is not an issue she's out of my life." Yeah, right. Kate Walsh is now in the opening credits so we shall see how long this situation lasts.
- Very valiant of Burke to tell Webber about his relationship with Cristina. Last but not least, the biggest watercooler moment was Alex finally kissing Izzie, literally sweeping her off her feet. Glad it took his patient Nicole to knock some sense into him.