<EM>Veronica Mars</EM> Veronica Mars

Can I use this entire space to quote Miss J? No? OK, well, just my favorites then.

About Kyle: "She needs some sissification.... Get some sissies to turn it out!"
To Kim: "[We wanted you to] make the chiffon go shhhwissssh and the taffeta go scrunchscrunchscrunchscrunchscrunch."
About Nicole: "The eyes go through me like a bag of prunes."

She is much-needed lightheartedness after weeks of hearing the girls complain about how much pressure they're under. This is seriously the most stressed-out cycle yet. Tyra, send them on their trip already, like Nicole so subtly hinted. And please leave Jayla behind. She photographs well, but her cattiness is so mean, it's not even entertaining. And that's saying a lot, coming from me. The fact that they all looked like pros in the black-and-whites Tyra directed and the way they performed so well at their go-sees covered in mud seems to prove that if they have a chance to unwind, all of these weird psychological flaws the judges see can melt away. The Vargas Girls shoot was a nice reference to the history of this profession, though I wonder what Jay meant when he said Tyra was a master of walking the line between sleazy and sexy? So all this time Kim just needed a wig to solve this femininity (aka sissification) problem? It's a bad sign that Nigel called her "Tim" anyway. Too bad a costume couldn't help Kyle fix the vacant stare that so turned off the judges. And Bre, you'll be packing soon, but once you get home, enroll in some acting classes. I see a future in TV for you. By the way, did they ever say whose car ad would make it into print? Oh well, can't freakin' wait for my Wild Boys to crash this estrogenfest next week! Sabrina Rojas Weiss

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