The Unit
Woohoo! Took three weeks, but one of the fellas finally screwed up big. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for absolute perfection in the elite top-secret military force that stands between me and the bad guys but perfection can get pretty boring, don't you think? Sucks that the screwup had to be Bob  it's always the rookie, of course  but his shooting Mack was definitely what the show needed. Now there's internal danger! Competition! A dry-cleaning bill! I'm stoked they gave

Max Martini so much screen time, since Mack is the only really complex character on the show thus far  not to get snarky on Bob, Jonas and the guys, but the words "cookie cutter" come to mind. (Come on, writers. You can do better.) Speaking of Jonas, did anybody else think sending him to Indonesia by himself was a dumb idea? By my count he should've gotten shot about 58 times  you'd think it was Jonas' wife that Colonel Tom was trying to snog, not Mack's. Still, Jonas' badass attitude toward the ungrateful college kids he was sent to save made it all better.

Now comes the chauvinist-pig portion of the review, so ladies, get your pens/e-mails/voodoo dolls ready: I really didn't buy the wives chatting up the senator on military budgets, weapons, missile defense, etc. Definitely not implying women can't talk about such things knowledgeably, but for this particular group of women, it seemed a forced topic of conversation. Definitely broke away from the cool separation of worlds the show's been building  Jonas, the guys and the guns vs. Molly, the ladies and the home front. It seemed awkward to me, but hey, maybe that's why I'm still single.