Look out, Katie Holmes! As the missing college boy in Abandon — opening Friday — Charlie Hunnam may or may not be stalking the Dawson's Creek star. Either way, he sure has his share of disturbing psychotic outbursts! His evil side is new to those who've only seen Hunnam as the suave theater major in Undeclared or the sexually adventurous gay teen in the U.K. version of Queer As Folk. The blond Brit tells TV Guide Online that his inspiration for madness came from an unlikely source...

"I see my mom in my performance when I get really angry," he reveals. "I just remember her [anger] when, as a child, I'd do something horrible to my brother or something. I've told her this — but she probably wouldn't be too thrilled that I was telling you!"

Um, maybe we shouldn't analyze that one too much further. But speaking of seeing red, did Hunnam lose his cool when Fox cancelled Undeclared last season? "It was really sad," he says. "I love [creator] Judd [Apatow]. Those guys have continued to be my best friends."

This setback in his American TV career may've turned out to be an advantage for the 22-year-old, whose hair, eyebrows and bushy goatee are bleached an unflattering white blond for his albino role in the Civil War drama Cold Mountain. "I enjoy doing film, and I'm getting more opportunities to work in film, so I'd like to carry on doing that," Hunnam says. Without a hint of sour grapes in his voice, he adds: "I don't have TV in my house. I don't ever watch TV. Partly because I feel like it's too much of a waste of time. I could be doing other things. Partly because I don't rate most TV very highly."