This show started off like a bad joke. Nine stereotypes walk into a bunker... and the religious stereotype says to the gay stereotype... well, you get the idea. Didn't The Real World cover all that religion-versus-gay stuff like 15 years ago? Been there, done that, and with

much better-looking people. After watching the pilot, the only player I want to see with the $1.5 million is Steve, the trucker everyone else came across as either vile or bland. Then again, Steve's "big!hidden!secret!" is probably that he kicks puppies as a hobby. So Kelly the minister said money was the root of all evil, but then goes on a reality show that gives away a huge cash prize and once claimed bankruptcy while hiding a six-figure nest egg in the bank. What, does she think God doesn't watch bad reality shows? Hopefully the poker player will be able to read through all the lies, especially Jonathan's particularly sleazy one. I can see why the temp wanted to just split the cash and get out right away he's already done enough time in an institution. That voting sphere looked like a magic-eight ball. I guess the big deal with this show is that it can end as soon as this collection of freaks is able to make a unanimous decision. So what that means is the show will probably never, ever go off the air. One thing I do love is how the money counter will shrink every minute they can't agree. With this crowd they'll end up owing Fox a ton of cash. While they are making payments, I'd like to collect that half hour of my life back, please.