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The Ultimate Guide to What to Watch on Netflix, Hulu, Prime Video, HBO Max, and More in May 2023

You should see Queen Charlotte in a crown

Tim Surette
Corey Mylchreest and India Amarteifio, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Corey Mylchreest and India Amarteifio, Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

Liam Daniel/Netflix

The hottest coronation on TV is right here: TV Guide is crowning Queen Charlotte your next royal obsession. And the hit Bridgerton prequel isn't this month's only regal period piece; for something a little more irreverent, don't miss The Great, which returns for Season 3 on Hulu. If you're more interested in the future, see what happens when artificial intelligence takes over the justice system in FX on Hulu's Class of '09 or solve a murder in an underground mega-bunker with Apple TV+'s Silo. Or if you'd just like to see a guy make a joke about hot dogs, Season 3 of I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson is coming at the end of the month. 

Our guide to the best TV in May is divided into three sections: the best shows and movies to watch this month, the best shows to watch by streaming service, and a calendar of TV highlights. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it below. 

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The best shows and movies to watch in May

Drew Tarver, The Other Two

Drew Tarver, The Other Two

Greg Endries/HBO Max

White House Plumbers Season 1 (May 1, HBO)

Justin Theroux's big, glorious mustache should be enough to get you to watch White House Plumbers, but if you need some more information about the "plot," here you go: Theroux and Woody Harrelson star in this series that goes behind the scenes of the Watergate scandal, spotlighting the two bumbling idiots who accidentally overturned Nixon's presidency while trying to protect it. -Allison Picurro [Trailer] [Review]

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story Season 1 (May 4, Netflix)

Here's a no-brainer: a Bridgerton prequel series. Say less! This limited series tells the origin story of Queen Charlotte (played as an older woman by Golda Rosheuvel and as a young woman by India Ria Amarteifio), exploring her rise to power and her rocky (but still very steamy, of course) marriage to King George III (Corey Mylchreest). You can keep up with all the latest gossip on the series here. -Allison Picurro [Trailer]            

The Other Two Season 3 (May 4, HBO Max)

The Other Two is back — in this climate! Season 3 picks up with perennially cast-aside siblings Cary (Drew Tarver) and Brooke (Heléne Yorke) on career upswings, and nevertheless still unsatisfied. This is one of the funniest shows on TV, and we're lucky to live in a time when it gets to continue to exist. -Allison Picurro [Trailer]

Silo Season 1 (May 5, Apple TV+)

At first I was like, ewww, and then I was like, whoa! This new sci-fi series — an adaptation of Hugh Howey's 2012 book Wool — from Justified's Graham Yost starts off with a rough first episode, but the story — a near-future dystopian murder mystery set in an underground facility where the last surviving thousands of humans live — really gets chugging in Episode 2. That's when we're introduced to Rebecca Ferguson's Juliette, an engineer discovering that a series of murders just might be related to the rule-makers of their subterranean abode. Fair warning: This moody and drab drama is for hard sci-fi lovers or fans of Scandinavian noir. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

Class of '09 Season 1 (May 10, Hulu)

Bryan Tyree Henry and Kate Mara head to the FBI academy and beyond in this limited series thriller about a group of unorthodox FBI cadets — Class of '09, baby! — whose careers are laid out over multiple past, present, and future timelines, and how they change over the course of their lives with the incorporation of artificial intelligence into the criminal justice system. Phew, that's a mouthful, and you'll want to pay close attention to keep track of all the intertwining threads so the twists pay off. Put the phone down; this is not for casual viewing. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

The Great Season 3 (May 12, Hulu)

Tony McNamara's lovingly inaccurate period dramedy is (finally!) back for its third season, picking up in the aftermath of Catherine (Elle Fanning) and Peter's (Nicholas Hoult) reconciliation. If you'll remember, she tried to kill him in the Season 2 finale, but hey, they're in couples therapy this season, which means they're really trying to make it work! Season 3 also explores Catherine's struggle to gain favor with the Russian people, who hate her so much they're taking their anger out on a Catherine-inspired voodoo doll and plotting uprisings, and her ongoing mission to reform the country. With that other show about vicious power struggles coming to an end, The Great returns just in time. -Allison Picurro [Trailer]

Happy Valley Season 3 (May 22, Acorn TV)

Undeniably one of the best television shows of the last decade, the British detective drama Happy Valley hits American shores with its third and final season after garnering rave reviews in the U.K. early this year. Sarah Lancashire suits up as a policewoman Catherine Cawood once again, and wouldn't you know it, she crosses paths with killer, rapist, and deadbeat dad Tommy Lee Royce (James Norton) a final time. Everything is on point in this show, but it's hard to say anything is better than Lancashire's performance. The first two seasons both won BAFTAs for best drama, and it's a good bet that it will hit the trifecta this year. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

American Born Chinese Season 1 (May 24, Disney+)

Is it possible that Everything Everywhere All At Once is Michelle Yeoh's second-best bit of multiverse entertainment? Disney+'s live-action adaptation, which once again pairs Yeoh with Everything co-star Ke Huy Quan, of Gene Luen Yang's graphic novel incorporates Chinese mythology with the rigors of fitting in at high school for an action-comedy that'll charm kids and adults. No other show can boast an epic battle with the Monkey King, soccer tryouts, viral videos incorporating decades-old racist stereotypes, and visceral hand-to-hoof combat with pigmen in high school cafeterias and still make sense, but American Born Chinese does. -Tim Surette [Trailer]

I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson Season 3 (May 30, Netflix)

TV's dumbest sketch show is also its best. While detractors claimed that Season 2 wasn't as good as Season 1, they were wrong. They probably also used to be pieces of sh-- who poured water on their steaks. Prepare for more screaming tomfoolery and uncomfortable pressure. -Tim Surette

What's on Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu, Amazon, and more in May

Anna Cathcart, XO, Kitty

Anna Cathcart, XO, Kitty

Park Young-Sol/Netflix

Netflix's best new shows and movies in May

The weather in May is all over the place. You can wear anything. You can wear a gown to the coronation of Queen Charlotte, bundle up in a big ol' fur coat to hide out in the woods with The Mother, or embrace school uniform chic with XO, Kitty. Or there's always Dan Flashes. A new season of I Think You Should Leave is one of our picks for the best things to watch in Netflix's May lineup, along with the Bridgerton prequel focused on Queen Charlotte, Kitty's To All the Boys I've Loved Before sequel series, and J. Lo's latest action movie. That's range. Here's our list of the best shows and movies on Netflix in May, plus everything coming to and leaving Netflix in May.

More on Netflix:

Justin Theroux and Woody Harrelson, White House Plumbers

Justin Theroux and Woody Harrelson, White House Plumbers

Phil Caruso/HBO

HBO and HBO Max's best new shows and movies in May

May's going to be a big month in the HBO and HBO-adjacent sphere. Both Succession and Barry are coming to an end, of course, but HBO Max is also rebranding as "Max" on May 23. Sure! Before that happens, there are some premieres to keep on your radar, like White House Plumbers and the third season of The Other Two. Here's our list of the best shows and movies on HBO and HBO Max in May, plus everything coming to HBO and HBO Max in May.

More on HBO and HBO Max:

Elle Fanning, The Great

Elle Fanning, The Great

Christopher Raphael/Hulu

Hulu's best new shows and movies in May

Hulu's new shows and movies in May cover lots of ground. Are you hungry (or do you WANT to be hungry)? Don't miss Season 2 of Padma Lakshmi's Taste the Nation. Need an inspiring story about an important historical figure? Tune in to the miniseries A Small Light. Need a farcical story about an important historical figure? The Great is coming for you. Need an ensemble drama with interconnecting stories? Try Class of '09. Want a series about FBI agents taking down bad guys? Try Class of '09. Interested in a show about how artificial intelligence will affect the justice system? Try Class of '09. Yeah, that show covers a lot of bases.  Here's our list of the best shows and movies on Hulu in May, plus everything coming to Hulu in May.

More on Hulu

Ignacio Diaz-Silverio and Christina Vidal, Primo

Ignacio Diaz-Silverio and Christina Vidal, Primo

Jeff Neumann/Amazon Freevee

Amazon Prime Video's best new shows and movies in May

There was a lot to watch on Amazon Prime Video and Freevee in April. Does that excuse the fact that there isn't a lot to watch on them in May? No! There are so few new and noteworthy releases in May that it was a struggle just to find two things to mention. Maybe this is Prime Video's way of making sure we all watch the big action centerpiece Citadel, which premieres in late April and runs new episodes through May. And you know what? It'll work. Here's our list of the best shows and movies on Amazon Prime Video in May, plus everything coming to Prime Video in May.

More on Amazon:

Jim Liu and Michelle Yeoh, American Born Chinese

Jim Liu and Michelle Yeoh, American Born Chinese

Carlos Lopez-Calleja/Disney+

The best new shows and movies everywhere else in May

The title of Everything Everywhere All at Once was no lie: That cast really is everywhere all at once. And we're all better off for it! Michelle Yeoh, Ke Huy Quan, Stephanie Hsu, and James Hong are just some of the stars Disney+ assembled for American Born Chinese, an action comedy series based on the graphic novel. It's out May 24. In the meantime, the Muppets are rocking out in the new series The Muppets Mayhem, premiering on Disney+ on May 10. Apple TV+ has the moody sci-fi series Silo on May 5, the New York City-set crime drama City on Fire (from the creators of Gossip Girl) on May 12, and Patricia Arquette's High Desert on May 17. Over on Paramount+, you can scratch the itch for more Tulsa King with the Sylvester Stallone reality show The Family Stallone, also on May 17. And Peacock has Bupkis — not bupkis as in nothing, Bupkis as in the Pete Davidson comedy. — on May 4.

More on Apple TV+, Peacock, Disney+, and Paramount+:

May TV calendar highlights

Monday, May 1
A Small Light (Limited Series, National Geographic [Hulu and Disney+ next day])
White House Plumbers (Limited Series, HBO)

Thursday, May 4
Bupkis (Season 1, Peacock)
The Other Two (Season 3, HBO Max)
Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story (Limited Series, Netflix)
Unicorn: Warriors Eternal (Season 1, Adult Swim)

Friday, May 5
Death's Roulette (Film, Paramount+)
Silo (Season 1, Apple TV+)
Taste the Nation with Padma Lakshi (Season 2, Hulu)

Sunday, May 7
2023 MTV Movie & TV Awards (Special, MTV)

Tuesday, May 9
Hannah Gadsby: Something Special (Special, Netflix)

Wednesday, May 10
Class of '09 (Limited Series, Hulu)
The Muppets Mayhem (Season 1, Disney+)

Friday, May 12
City on Fire (Season 1, Apple TV+)
Crater (Film, Disney+)
The Great (Season 3, Hulu)
The Mother (Film, Netflix)
Mulligan (Season 1, Netflix)
Queer Eye (Season 7, Netflix)
Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie (Film, Apple TV+)

Sunday, May 14
Fear the Walking Dead (Season 8, AMC)

Wednesday, May 17
The Family Stallone (Season 1, Paramount+)
High Desert (Season 1, Apple TV+)

Thursday, May 18
Rainn Wilson and the Geography of Bliss (Season 1, Peacock)
XO, Kitty (Season 1, Netflix)

Friday, May 19
Primo (Season 1, Freevee)
The Secrets of Hillsong (Limited Series, FX)
Selling Sunset (Season 6, Netflix)
White Men Can't Jump (Film, Hulu)

Sunday, May 21
Ghosts of Beirut (Limited Series, Showtime)

Monday, May 22
Happy Valley (Season 3, Acorn TV)
Prehistoric Planet (Season 2, Apple TV+)

Tuesday, May 23
Gremlins: Secrets of the Mogwai (Season 1, Max)
SmartLess: On the Road (Limited Series, Max)

Wednesday, May 24
American Born Chinese (Season 1, Disney+)
The Clearing (Limited Series, Hulu)
MasterChef (Season 13, Fox)
Mayans M.C. (Season 5, FX)
Platonic (Season 1, Apple TV+)

Thursday, May 25
FUBAR (Season 1, Netflix)
The Kardashians (Season 3, Hulu)

Friday, May 26
Run the World (Season 2, Starz)

Monday, May 29
Reality (Film, HBO)

Tuesday, May 30
30 for 30: The American Gladiators Documentary (Limited Series, ESPN)
America's Got Talent (Season 18, NBC)
I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson (Season 3, Netflix)

Wednesday, May 31
Nancy Drew (Season 4, The CW)