America Ferrera and Lindsay Lohan by Karen Neal/ABC America Ferrera and Lindsay Lohan by Karen Neal/ABC

Bring it, playas. On tonight's Ugly Betty (8 pm/ET, ABC) it's Mode versus Elle in a charity softball game that's a metaphor for office politics, with cameos from Elle's real editor-in-chief and supermodel Naomi Campbell - who will definitely wield a bat.

"Betty ( America Ferrera) doesn't want to play because she has some very bad memories of sports in school," says executive producer Silvio Horta. "But Gio ( Freddy Rodriguez) helps her get up the courage, and mayhem ensues." Will Betty have to choose between Henry (Christopher Gorham) and Gio? "More than ever, she's struggling with the best thing to do for herself and her life," says Horta, adding mysteriously, "There may be a trip to Italy for Betty."

We also know there's an engagement ring on Betty's finger and a flashback starring Lindsay Lohan, who returns for several episodes next season, as a mean girl from Betty's past.