Christopher Gorham, <EM>Ugly Betty</EM> Christopher Gorham, Ugly Betty

It's something fans of ABC's Ugly Betty (Thursdays at 8 pm/ET) just know: Betty must end up with Henry. Why? "They're like-minded," says Christopher Gorham, who plays "Mode" magazine's sweet-as-pie accountant. "They're both com­fortable with being smart, and they're not overly concerned with appearances in themselves or other people."

Since Betty finally broke up with Walter — and Gorham recently signed on as a regular for next season — fans may get their wish. And if that means waiting for Henry's girlfriend, Charlie, to hit the road, Gorham won't mind. He's enjoying every minute on set. "We joke around a lot," he says. "We were doing Borat impersonations for a while. We tell each other how horrible we were in the last scene all the time."

Off set, Gorham possesses the three things most valued at "Mode": confidence, good looks and designer clothes. Drinking coffee at a sidewalk café on a chilly Southern California day, he's bundled into a Prada parka. But he wasn't always this effortlessly hip. As a teen growing up in Fresno, California, he played Dungeons & Dragons, dug geometry and taught ballroom dancing. In fact, Henry's hairstyle was "inspired by mine from high school," admits Gorham as he smooths his tousled cut into a side part, sits up ruler-straight and gets a lovelorn look on his face. All he needs are those trademark rectan­gular glasses, and you'd trust him with your 1040 — and maybe your heart

When it comes to real-life romance, he's been married for seven years to college sweetheart Anel, with whom he costarred on the WB's short-lived high-school dramedy Popular. They have two sons, Lucas, 5, and Ethan, 3.

"When I met my wife, things would come out of my mouth that I wouldn't normally say. I was very confident and forward in a way that I usually wasn't with someone," Gorham says. He loves that Henry is going through something similar: feeling secure enough with Betty to be himself. "With her, his best self — his true self — just pops out, and it works," he says. "It's the part of you you're afraid people might not like. But because she's the right person, you can't mess up."

So when can fans expect this match made in "Mode" heaven to heat up? "We're seeing Betty grow up," explains execu­tive producer Silvio Horta. "Walter represented Queens, her old life. And Henry is Manhattan, the next step in her evolution. Their relationship is building to something satisfying, yet potentially even more complicated." Henry — and Gorham — wouldn't want it any other way.

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