Returns: Thursday, April 24

Number of new episodes: 5

Where we left off: Betty was crazy in love with office number-cruncher Henry. But he was a little jealous of sandwichseller Gio, who was majorly crushing on Betty. Ousted Mode editrix Wilhelmina and her dastardly assistant Marc hatched a plan to create an heir to the Meade Publications throne. They impregnated Christina with an embryo from Wilhelmina and the late Bradford Meade's frozen sperm. Claire Meade was cleared of the murder of her husband's mistress, Fey Sommers, and started "Hot Flash," a magazine for older women. What's next: "All of the new episodes are going to have a twist and a turn and a shock," creator Silvio Horta says. "And the story lines are going to be deeper, honing in on Betty's point of view." Daniel Meade, the womanizing editor of Mode, will continue his fling with Wilhelmina's sister Renee (Gabrielle Union). She has a secret that Christina, who is living with Willy during her pregnancy, is about to discover. "Wilhelmina will be back in the Meade building sooner rather than later," Horta says. "So will Marc, because he's attached to her like glue." Daddy dearest: Catty but misunderstood office receptionist Amanda will bond with the father she never knew: Kiss bassist Gene Simmons, who returns for an encore. For more Betty preview, pick up TV Guide's Returning Favorites issue.