Tyra Banks by Eric Liebowitz/The CW Tyra Banks by Eric Liebowitz/The CW

Is Tyra Banks leaving America's Next Top Model? A highly speculative story on MSNBC's The Scoop says yes.

Their source is an as-yet-unpublished OK! Magazine story about a Banks/Jay Manuel catfight being the straw that broke the supermodel's back. It claims that Banks and Manuel aren't even speaking at the moment, and that as a result Top Model producer-host Banks has started to limit her involvement on the show. Further, a source says that after nabbing interviews with Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for her syndicated talkie The Tyra Banks Show, Banks wants to devote her energy there, and is investigating the possibility of finding a new host for Top Model.


OK, that's a sympathy gasp, because I don't even watch Top Model, but the fans I know seem to indicate that Banks' shenanigans make it a must-watch. Assuming the rumors are true, can anyone else fill her stilettos? Of course not, but let's take a stab at it anyway.

I'll go first. Cindy "Cue Cards" Crawford? But she was a little wooden back in the House of Style days, huh? Paulina Porizkova seems to be generating a lot of fan support, but is she just the "Paula" of the ANTM panel? Lauren Hutton? Naomi Campbell? (I know, but wouldn't it be awesome?) Any better ideas? - Mickey O'Connor