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1. Best diss: "At this point I was planning on doing a few more jokes, but Katherine Heigl told me my material wasn't Emmy worthy."

Conan O'Brien. 2. Best demand: Kathy Griffin ordering everyone to "GET UP!" for Don Rickles. Can we get Kathy to host next year? 3. Most miscast: Josh Groban performing a medley of 30 of TV's most famous theme songs. Granted, he did Cartman and his Baywatch run superbly well, but couldn't they just have played these songs? 4. Most heartwarming tribute: Ray Romano, Patricia Heaton, Doris Roberts and Brad Garrett yelping Frank Barone's famed "Holy crap!" as part of TV's most memorable catchphrases. RIP, Peter Boyle. 5. Most awkward opening: Wanting to bring "reality" to the Emmys, the five hosts - Ryan Seacrest, Tom Bergeron, Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Jeff Probst - opened with absolutely nothing prepared and it was positively painful. Did no one get the memo that these guys aren't stand-ups? Plus, it didn't help to follow Oprah and to be followed by the dynamic duo of Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Note to Emmy producers: humorless banter does not keep viewers. 6. Best example of a comedy performance: Tom Bergeron dropping Heidi Klum onto the stage, which definitely looked like it hurt. 7. Most painful reminder: Martin Sheen telling us he never won an Emmy for The West Wing. At least he has one for guesting on Murphy Brownthat's not the same, is it? 8. Best political statement: Stephen Colbert: "I think right now, America needs a prune." 9. Best reunion: Sally Field presenting the Outstanding Miniseries Emmy to John Adams' producer Tom Hanks. "You know, mom always said" Oh, why didn't you finish that sentence, Tom? 10. Best backhanded compliment: "Haven't they been sufficient?" Jimmy Kimmel on the five reality host nominees and Emmy hosts. "Sufficient" is too kind, Jimmy. 11. Most unnecessarily drawn-out segment: The presentation for reality host. Did we really need to spread this out over a commercial break? Who do you think you are? American Idol? 12. Best passing of the torch: Nothing was more fab than Mary Tyler Moore and Betty White awarding this generation's comedienne extraordinaire Tina Fey for Outstanding Comedy Series. What were your favorite moments of the 2008 Emmys? For photos and a full list of winners and nominees, check out our guide to the Emmys. Related: " John Adams, Mad Men, 30 Rock Win Big at Emmys " The Emmys: History New and Old " Emmy Fashion: Hits and Misses " 2008 Emmy Red Carpet