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In Part 1 of's new Body Talk series, we count down the biggest beauty scandals of the year. You think you've got it bad, what with those holiday pounds you packed on and that fresh batch of New Year's resolutions? Try being a star, with all that plus the heat of the Hollywood spotlight and red-carpet season just around the corner. In 2007,'s editors and readers certainly saw more than a few stars waiver under the pressure of the biz's obsession with perfection, and in this blog we will feature stories and photo galleries on how the "beautiful people" get that way.

Jennifer Love Hewitt is the most recent star to come under fire for her appearance. Lots of fellow celebs have spoken out about the controversy surrounding the unflattering photos of her on the beach showing a little extra "junk in the trunk." Girl Next Door and Hugh Hefner honey Holly Madison told, "Jennifer Love Hewitt looks amazing.... She has the perfect body for [ Playboy]." Supermodel Cindy Crawford also defended the Ghost Whisperer, telling TV Guide, "It was so mean, and there's no reason for it. She wasn't on the beach saying, 'Hey, I think I look fantastic from any angle at any time, so take my picture.' She was just on the beach being herself." That is pretty much how our readers felt about it in our Body Talk poll. As of Dec. 27, more than 60 percent of you had said J. Love "should be able to visit the beach without cameras following her," and 36 percent said, "What's the big deal? She looks great!" Only three percent said, "Frankly, she should invest in a sarong." As for who's responsible for the story getting so much attention, you point the finger at yourselves: 46 percent said the public is to blame (for consuming and discussing such photos), followed closely, at 35 percent, by the media. "I checked out her photos because of all the discussion on the website," says reader BlueeyedSara. "When I saw them, I did not understand why people were so critical that a star did not look perfectly toned. I thought that, in spite of not being in the right suit for her body, she looked great." We've divided up the year's 20 biggest stories into two categories: those that happened on TV and those that happened in real life. J. Love was just the tip of the iceberg - without further ado, here are the Top 10 Celebrity Beauty Scandals and Stories of 2007: 10. As part of Dove's campaign celebrating real women, curvy Grey's Anatomy star Sara Ramirez presented the winner of a DIY Dove commercial contest during the Oscars on Feb. 25; Private Practice's Amy Brenneman will be doing the honors at this year's awards. 9. Dancing with the Stars host Samantha Harris gave birth to a baby girl on Sept. 23; two and a half weeks later, she was working out again, and less than a week after that, she was back on the show, looking svelte. Another high-profile mom, Tori Spelling, whose son was born March 13, lost her baby weight - and then some - over a six-month period. 8. Valerie Bertinelli followed in the footsteps of fellow former sitcom star Kirstie Alley in April by becoming the latest celebrity to go on the Jenny Craig plan - and shill for it in a national ad campaign. "I need to do this in front of millions of people," Bertinelli told People, "so I can't mess up." 7. In the September issue of Glamour magazine, Court TV (and former View) host Star Jones admitted - four years after the fact - to having had gastric bypass surgery. She had previously vehemently denied having the procedure, despite losing 160 pounds. "I had spent my entire adult life telling everyone that I was fine with the way I looked," Jones wrote. "But the complete truth is, I was scared of what people might think of me." 6. Simple Lifer Nicole Richie , who earlier in the year had often appeared superthin, said on Aug. 3's Good Morning America that she was willing to gain 40 to 50 pounds to ensure a healthy pregnancy. When asked what she thought when shown pictures of herself looking skeletal, she said, "I see a girl that is obviously going through something and is much too skinny." 5. On Feb. 1, Tyra Banks appeared on her talk show wearing the same bathing suit that, in January, had created a brouhaha about her weight gain. Citing the photo's bad angle and taking a "what's-the-big-deal?" approach, she finished up the hour by saying, "Kiss my fat ass!" 4. Rapper Kanye West's beloved mother, Donda, died on Nov. 10 at age 58 after complications from plastic surgery. 3. A woman known almost entirely for her body - and its many changes over the years - onetime Guess jeans model Anna Nicole Smith died on February 8 of an accidental drug overdose in Florida. The spokeswoman for TrimSpa diet pills was found with human growth hormone and another drug whose side effect is weight loss in her system. When asked by CBS' The Early Show why she had gone on TrimSpa, Smith said, "I wasn't unhappy at all until everybody started ridiculing me so bad." 2. Pictures of a bikini-clad Jennifer Love Hewitt were posted on TMZ on Nov. 28. The site criticized Love, who was frolicking in Hawaii with her fiancé, for her voluptuousness. Love retorted, "A size 2 is not fat! Nor will it ever be. And being a size 0 doesn't make you beautiful.... To all girls with butts, boobs, hips and a waist, put on a bikini - put it on and stay strong." 1. Britney Spears, who has been having perhaps the worst of 2007's many scandal-plagued stars, shaved her own head on Feb. 16 at a Tarzana, California, salon, whose owner says the singer's only reaction was, "My mom is going to freak." On Sept. 9, Spears appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards looking both bedraggled and out of shape. The beauty scandals and stories influenced the TV airwaves, too! Here are TV's Top 10 Beauty Stories of 2007: 10. 30 Rock, "The Collection," Oct. 18: Having gained weight for a Broadway role, Jenna found herself struggling to keep it on after her new physique gained her a ton of fans. 9. Nip/Tuck, "Dawn Budge II," Nov. 20: On a show that week after week reveals just how changeable the human body can be, plastic surgery magic-maker Sean refused to give his teenage daughter, Annie, liposuction. 8. Ugly Betty, "A League of Their Own," Oct. 25: Proving that men deal with some of the same stereotypes women do, polished, superficial Marc fell for scruffy, chubby photographer Cliff even though he wasn't "his type." 7. Californication, "Hell-A Woman," Aug. 20: Awash in a sea of fake boobs (many of which he had enjoyed), Hank told nonmodified, 40-something-year-old Sonja, "You just might be the most beautiful woman I've seen in a long time." 6. Gossip Girl, "Blair Waldorf Must Pie!," Nov. 28: Blair had a dramatic relapse of bulimia after learning that her controlling mother forbade her father from joining them at Thanksgiving. 5. America's Next Top Model, "The Girls Who Crawl," Nov. 7: Sarah Hartshorne was eliminated from the competition after being criticized for losing weight. She is only the latest plus-size ANTM hopeful to make an early exit from the competition. 4. The Office, "The Job," May 17: Michael took Jan back, despite his better judgment, after she got a seriously inflated boob job. 3. Mad Men, "The Wheel," Oct. 18: On the season finale, Peggy's weight gain turned out to be caused by... a completely unexpected pregnancy. 2. Grey's Anatomy, "My Favorite Mistake," March 22: Severely disfigured accident victim Ava chose her post-reconstructive-surgery face with help from love-interest Alex. 1. Dancing with the Stars, Oct. 23: Mark Cuban was sent home after losing 25 pounds during the run of the show; Marie Osmond, who came in third place in the competition, lost 31 pounds and 5 inches from her waist. - Nina Hämmerling Smith What's your take? Who had the biggest beauty meltdown in 2007? Which of our Top 10 TV storyline had you talking most? Who else would you add to our list? Which celebrities are heading for beauty scandals next year? More in the Body Talk series: " Photo gallery: Is 50 the New 30? " 50ish (and Up) and Fabulous! 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