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TVGuide.com's Top TV Moments

It’s been a terrifying week: vampire sex, the Joker recast, and the World Series delayed by a dark and stormy night. Check out our Top Moments, Halloween edition.

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It’s been a terrifying week: vampire sex, the Joker recast, and the World Series delayed by a dark and stormy night. Check out our Top Moments, Halloween edition.
11. Most Jail-Bait-y Moment: Nate (played by 23-year-old Chase Crawford) and (Taylor Momsen, 15) vigorously make out on Gossip Girl. Weird? See for yourself at our Online Video Guide.
10. Looooongest Ballgame: Rain Monday delays Game 5 of the World Series until Wednesday. The Phillies win their second championship ever, and the young Tampa Bay Rays impress everyone by making it so far.
9. Scrappiest Solo Act: View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck introduces Gov. Sarah Palin at a rally in Kissimmee, Fla., saying it's nice to be able to speak for five minutes without being interrupted. She also riffs on Palin's wardrobe kerfuffle, asking of the governor’s flag lapel pin, "They didn't list that accessory and its value in their report, did they?"
8. Smoothest Production: Barack Obama's half-hour ad profiles struggling American families, tells his life story, and cuts back to him addressing an audience in Florida. Oh, and it runs simultaneously on three networks and wraps up in time for the World Series. Whether you found it moving or slick probably says a lot about who you're voting for.
7. Most Meta Moment in a Teen Drama: The news that the first book by One Tree Hill's Lucas is being made into a movie sparks inside jokes galore: "You've seen how old these actors are playing high school" and "I suppose you're getting some snot from the CW. At least they're hot."
6. Least Effective Guide to Picking Up Women (Unless You’re Don Draper): As if he wasn’t amazing enough in Mad Men’s finale, Jon Hamm visited Saturday Night Live to share Don Draper’s Guide to Picking Up Women: "Blow people away every time you say anything. Take six hour lunches. Disappear for weeks at a time. Lie to everyone about everything." Get Don Draper's other tips at our Online Video Guide.
5. Hottest, Most-Disturbing Sex Scene: Sookie’s vampire lover, Bill, didn’t die in the fire on True Blood; he was just trapped underground! Their tender reunion starts like a horror film (his cold, gray hand pops out of the earth), but ends like a porno (he’s totally naked and ready to get busy, which they do).
4. Most Awkward Seriously? Moment: House's Cuddy is promised a child, but the birth mother changes her mind, leaving Cuddy in tears in her baby-to-be’s nursery. House stops by out of what appears to be guilt for the hell he put her through, telling her she’s not ready to be a mom. Then they… hook up? WTF? Since when does House have feelings?
3. Best Method Acting: If Christopher Nolan (or whoever's going to helm the next Bat flick) is looking for a replacement Joker (R.I.P., Heath Ledger), he should definitely give Creed Bratton a call. The Office saw itself employing not one, not two, but three Jokers this week; but only the always shady Creed gave us the shivers like Ledger did. Creepy? Yes. Amazingly awesome? Hell yes.
2. Best Big Reveal: Mad Men's Peggy Olsen finally tells Pete Campbell she had his baby – and then gave it away. Beautifully written and acted, the scene perfectly captures their characters in all their awkwardness, ambition, and fear.
1. Most Welcome Return: 30 Rock's Jack works his way up from the mailroom, again, to retain his old job at NBC – but that's only the second-most-welcome return of the week. The top honor goes to 30 Rock itself. From Liz and Jack's reunion to the ridiculous adoption scheme, this episode was filled with top moments. See them all at our Online Video Guide.