We've made some changes to TVGuide.com today! Throughout the site, you'll notice more color, links to the latest breaking news, videos and photos, and a few navigation changes.

These features are faster and easier to use than ever:
Comments: Now you can weigh in on every news story. Registered users can login or post comments directly from an article. New users can quickly register to comment and post directly from an article.
Search: Quickly find what you are looking for — listings, news, recaps, videos and photos.

We've also made it easy to add your favorite TVGuide.com features to your iGoogle or MyYahoo page:

iGoogle Gadget:Add our all-in-one feed of listings, news and photos to your iGoogle homepage now.
My Yahoo, iGoogle and other RSS readers: Add feeds, for breaking news, video, photos, movie news, top shows and more.

For more in-depth explanations of how these changes will affect you, see our FAQs, and let us know what you think about the changes!