Sarah Palin, Will Ferrell and Olivia Wilde Sarah Palin, Will Ferrell and Olivia Wilde

It's been a politics-heavy week, but it will all be over soon, we promise. In the meantime, enjoy our rundown of the week's most wild and wonderful moments, at least one of which still feels like a hallucination.

9. Most-Welcome Surprise: Will Ferrell returns to play President Bush on Thursday's edition of Saturday Night Live and endorse John McCain whether McCain likes it or not.

8. Most Surprising Show of Humanity: Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass shows a glimmer of humanity by trying to help Vanessa save the landmark bar. Yes, it was initially all a plot concocted by Blair to humiliate Vanessa, but Chuck actually cared about the cause. You almost had to feel bad for the poor bastard when everything... well, just watch the episode.

7. Best (Kind of) New Super Power: Heroes Arthur Petrelli proved to be more than a bed-ridden patriarch by sucking the special abilities from both Adam Monroe and his own son, Peter. Yes, its slightly unoriginal, considering two of Arthurs three children can do virtually the same thing, but whens the last time you saw Sylar turn an immortal into a pile of dust in a matter of seconds?

6. Thursday's Best Survivor: No, not the crusty CBS series, but Supernatural cutie Jensen Ackles' impromptu take on "Eye of the Tiger," as teased here on and shown on the CW in its glorious, air-guitaring entirety after this week's episode. Just when you couldn't love the boys any more....

5. Best Lobbying for a GLAAD Award: In the first few minutes of this week's House, we see 13 making out with a random chick who ends up becoming this week's patient. Fortunately, 13s girl-on-girl action gives House the light-bulb moment he needs to diagnose the patient's mystery ailment.

4. Best Less-is-More Moment: The Shields Vic Mackey turns in his badge. Then he turns in his gun. Hes not a cop anymore. Nut up, Shane! And watch the whole episode here.

3. Dumbest Political Statement: Family Guy's Stewie and Brian steal uniforms from some Nazis and find that one of them includes a McCain-Palin pin.

2. Smartest Political Statement: Colin Powell appears on Meet the Press and chastises fellow Republicans who have claimed, falsely, that Barack Obama is a Muslim: "Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer's no. That's not America. Is there something wrong with some 7-year-old Muslim American kid believing that he or she could be president?" Watch it here.

1. Biggest Is-This-Really-Happening Moment: The real Sarah Palin appears on SNL's Weekend Update, announces she's not going to perform the rap she planned, and hands the reins over to the extremely pregnant Poehler, who then delivers a Cypress Hill-inspired rap about McCain's "creepy" smile and seeing Alaska from her house, backed by two Eskimos and a stand-in for Alaska's "first dude," Todd Palin. The real Palin does that raise-the-roof thing and has really good rhythm for a governor, which makes the routine feel even more like a crazy fever dream, until a person in a moose suit arrives to get shot, finally confirming there's no way any of this is real. (Here it is, solemnly explained by Brian Williams.)