Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake Janet Jackson and Justin Timberlake

NFL is looking to inject a little more relevancy into the big game's timeout. Enter the Black Eyed Peas. With their latest single "The Time (Dirty Bit)," the hard-hitting "Boom Boom Pow" and the ubiquitous "I Gotta Feeling," the popular hip-hop group has a catalog of gridiron-appropriate hits as deep as the competing teams' rosters. Plus, they've got an over-the-top stage show, which should make for a particularly memorable game break. With that in mind, we polled some football-savvy celebs for their favorite Super Sunday memories.

Jimmy Fallon (Late Night) "Prince's halftime performance. He played 'Purple Rain' while it was raining purple. It was insane!"

Kevin McHale (Glee) "Michael Jackson! I was obsessed with that, how he just stood there for, like, five minutes."

James Lesure (ABC's upcoming Mr. Sunshine) "My most memorable halftime show would have to be 'Nipplegate' [Janet Jackson's infamous 'wardrobe malfunction']. Actually, for future halftime shows, maybe they should have more nipples."

David Boreanaz (Bones) "Michael Jackson was the man. He still is. There's nothing cooler."

Heather Morris (Glee) "Aerosmith [with 'N Sync and Britney Spears] sticks out the most. That was just epic. They're my favorites. I went out and saw them on my 19th birthday with my mom."

Patrick Warburton (Rules of Engagement) "During halftime, we play a brutal game of street football. No pads, just asphalt. It's a little rougher than what the pros have on the table. They have a union, but we have no union to protect us."

Dr. Mehmet Oz (The Dr. Oz Show) "My coolest memory is watching my then-9-year-old son precisely predict the final score (17-14) of the New York Giants' victory over the [New England] Patriots in Super Bowl XLII to win the family lottery."

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