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There's an episode of Family Guy where Peter gets to do an "everyman" editorial segment on the evening news with the tagline: "You know what really grinds my gears?" Then he rambles about something that annoys him. It's hard not to think of this bit every time something really off happens on one of our favorite TV shows. We asked around the office to see what stories or characters really "grind our gears" lately.

The Office
Why the heck can't Jim plan a simple party for Kelly? Yes, it's funny that he and Dwight are the party-planning committee, but Jim is thoughtful and sweet, not a moron. Why can't he buy a nice cake and some balloons and put together a fun party? This is the same guy who bought Pam a teapot she mentioned once and filled it with all sorts of fun inside jokes. But he can't spell Kelly's name? Come on.

We're really getting tired of all the island trekking: from the beach to New Otherton to the caves to the hatches. Can't they just stay in one place for an episode?

Desperate Housewives
Everyone on Wisteria Lane has a legitimate, comprehensible means of income except for Susan. We occasionally see her doodling at her desk, but are we seriously supposed to buy that she can support herself on the income of a children's book illustrator?

What doesn't grind our gears about this show? (Kidding!) But is it so much to expect the actors to be able to, um, act? These newbies make the first 90210 gang seem Shakespearean in comparison.

Is it really necessary to try to one-up the grossness factor every week? The human walking wart was enough to make us lose our appetite.

United States of Tara
Why are Tara's alternate personalities such over-the-top caricatures? With the promise of more personalities to come, we wonder how much more on-the-nose the personalities will get. A college football stud? A whiny 6-year-old with a blankie? And where and how does Tara get dressed like Buck and Alice so quickly?

All the Law & Orders
Why are people so nonchalant about being questioned by the police on this show? They just carry on with whatever they're doing like it's nothing of consequence that they're talking to cops or that their tenant or employee may be a pedophile.

See if you agree with our list, and feel free to add your own below.