YouTube features the music of Josh Holloway and the antics of a younger Jason Lee. YouTube features the music of Josh Holloway and the antics of a younger Jason Lee.
1. The Amazing Race has officially gone global.
Many foreign networks

broadcast the CBS hit. But so far only the Singapore-based AXN has put its own teams on the road with The Amazing Race: Asia.

2. John Krasinski is cool with being "OK."
At a recent DVD signing, The Office's Jim smiled graciously when fans shouted, "You're hot!" But he really got a kick out of the girl who screamed, "You're OK!"

3. Jason Lee pops a mean "ollie."
The My Name Is Earl star's pro skateboarding days roll on in YouTuber-posted videos showcasing his gravity-defying moves (and budding sideburns).

4. Tasers are the real reason Cops is still on the air.
Apparently, people love watching strangers get Tasered. A quick search for taser yields more than 700 videos. Another 500-plus pop up with the misspelled tazer.

5. Lost's Josh Holloway makes sweet music.
While he's no Jimi Hendrix, he does impressively strum along in a clip taped during downtime on the set of the indie film Moving August.

6. Craig Ferguson is the man online.
The Late Late Show host recently claimed three of YouTube's 30 "Most Viewed Video" spots.

7. Tyra tops Oprah.
Turns out YouTube's most-viewed Oprah Winfrey clip is actually a video of Tyra imitating her idol's "secret" car giveaway.

8. Alyson Hannigan was not the first Willow.
Some girl named Riff Regan played Buffy the Vampire Slayer's original best friend. Catch her in clips from the unaired pilot.

9. America digs montages.
In You-Tubeland, you're not a true fan until you've spliced together a reel recapping (a) The Office's love story; (b) Lost's season to date; or (c) McDreamy's greatest hits.

10. The Back to the Future dad almost took down David Letterman.
In a rarely seen segment from 1987, an erratic-acting Crispin Glover almost kicks Letterman in the face. It's scary!

11. Something's not quite Rosie on The View.
Thanks to TiVo's super–slow-motion function, one YouTuber may have caught a scam. When Rosie and Co. randomly pick one winner from what's supposed to be a rapidly flicking mix of all the audience members' head shots, "uncoverbrother" says that only 25 pictures flash repeatedly.

12. The Dancing Man has outscored Grey's Anatomy.
Some 36 million people have watched comedian Judson Laipply shake his groove thang in the "Evolution of Dance." That's 14 million more people than Anatomy gets in an average week.

13. People still like to OK Go!
Four months after its debut, the band's "Here It Goes Again" video (in which the four average Joes dance on treadmills) still reigns as one of YouTube's "most downloaded."

14. A freshman lit the fuse for "Boom goes the dynamite."
Blame Ball State University's Brian Collins, who spawned the annoying phrase when he fumbled through a three-minute news segment. Trust us: His attempt at sportscasting makes you love Tony Kornheiser.

15. Alec Baldwin's got skills.
No wonder he's been asked to host Saturday Night Live 13 times. In behind-the-scenes clips from 1993, the 30 Rock star improvises, tweaks and ultimately improves 10-second bits with Paul McCartney.

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