You know things look bleak for Fox's low-rated college comedy Undeclared when producer Judd Apatow starts mailing TV critics preview tapes with S.O.S. notes attached. As he did before NBC cancelled Freaks and Geeks, Apatow issued this latest plea along with an emergency tape of Undeclared's last two episodes of the season — airing March 5 and 12 on Fox. "We really like them," Apatow writes. "Keep them. They're collector's items. If you like Undeclared and would like to help us avoid the ax, please write about our little show." His note dramatically ends, "Pray for us." But Lord knows, since Fox bumped the last episode (guest starring Ben Stiller) from February sweeps — opting to burn it off in March instead — Undeclared probably hasn't got a prayer.