I tuned in to Saturday Night Live only to see if Ashlee Simpson would make fun of herself in a skit, but no. Apparently she has no sense of humor to go along with that really bad hairdo. I also wanted to see if she'd really sing, which she did, because there were some not-so-cute notes, unless she purposely made a recording to sound like it was the real deal. Most of the episode was pretty slow, even with Napoleon Dynamite around supposedly to liven things up, but two things actually made me laugh out loud:
1) The fact that you can get the overexposed Black Eyed Peas to perform anywhere. Which led to the great parody "Let's Get Bar Mitzvahed."  
2) Horatio's diatribe on the the new nickel with Thomas Jefferson facing forward with a "smile that says, 'Do you see that slave over there? Yeah, I tapped that ass."