You can't tune in to this show even a minute late. I literally changed to the channel at 10:01 pm and I'd already missed most of Allison's vision that kicked off this whole episode. The teenage girl was already in the doctor's office and lying on the table eviscerated and I sat in front of my TV a bit grossed out and clueless as to what was going on. Obviously, I got the gist of it as the episode progressed, with the whole turn-of-the-century creepy-doctor-possessing-people thing. So strange. Also, loving the way that Allison handled that teacher without coming right out and saying that she and her daughter were psychic. You just know that wouldn't have gone over well. And her off-the-cuff comment to her husband when he questioned how she had resolved the issue was the best: "Our eldest daughter's record remains blemish-free, and there is still a chance that she could learn to smoke pot at the college of her choice." Now there is a realistic mom. I just wonder if she's speculating or if she got that from a vision of the future.