I've got disappointing news for all those Ask Ausiello readers who weighed in on who should play Veronica Mars Aaron Echolls in my Armchair Casting Director challenge. Over the weekend, exec producer Rob Thomas informed me that he's "$100,000 over budget on that episode and we're losing the role." Damn budgets! I'll have more on this in Wednesday's AA. In the meantime, here's some Twins scoop to cheer you up! Nick Lachey has been cast as the new marketing director of Arnold Undergarments, the lingerie company run by Darlene Conner and that blonde chick from Passions. As of now, the burned Newlywed is only booked for one episode during February sweeps, but producers are hoping he'll do more. Kinda takes the sting outta that whole Armchair Casting Director fiasco, right? Didnt think so.