Tru Calling I learned a valuable lesson tonight. You don't need to miss

Friends or the first half hour of

Survivor to keep up with this supernatural drama. Wisely anticipating that NBC viewers will abandon anything new in the 8:30 slot, Fox execs provide the audience with a midshow recap. A quick little "Earlier on..." montage of clips takes 30 seconds to catch you up on the 30 minutes of the show you may have missed watching something better — I mean else.

Survivor I must be going through Friends withdrawal, because the whole time the castaways were trying to assemble sticks long and strong enough to fetch their keys to get out of their cages during the Reward Challenge, all I could think of was the poking device the gang fashioned out of chopsticks to wake up the feared-dead Ugly Naked Guy.

JC Penney commercial Although I have potato, tomato, either and neither straight, this ad compels me to pose a question that has plagued humankind since the dawn of retail. Which is right: coo-pon or queue-pon?

Will & Grace A pox on you, NBC! You surprise me with an unexpected appearance from the deliciously droll Sara Gilbert, then you utterly delight me by having Chris Penn all but redeem himself for The Brotherhood of Poland, New Hampshire by coming on to Will. (Although it's not really a stretch if you remember him in Footloose.) But then you ruin it all by saving much-hyped guest star Barry Manilow for the show's closing credits.

Without a Trace Somebody give Lisa Edelstein a series already! You may not instantly recognize her name but you know her face: She was Patty on Leap of Faith, Lauren on Felicity, Rhonda on Relativity and Patty on Almost Perfect. Her previous body of work shows she's adept at comedy, but tonight's moving performance as a neurosurgeon duped by an adoption-agency worker posing as the daughter she gave up as a teen proves she can handle the serious stuff, too.

Osbourne Family Christmas In light of Ozzy's recent overmedication allegations and his serious ATV accident, I feel somewhat uncomfortable watching this offbeat MTV holiday special, which features a bizarre assortment of guests, including newlyweds Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra, who "help" Ozzy mix cookie dough; Adam Corolla, who cracks wise while showing Jack how to make cranberry sauce from fresh berries; and the vapid Jessica Simpson, who sings a surreal duet with Ozzy. Regardless of whether or not MTV could (or should) have pulled this program at the last minute, they could have served their ailing star better than some last-minute well wishes accompanying the closing credits.

ER With all of the fresh faces around County these days, you may not have noticed Carter was gone, but he's back, with a ratty beard and a pregnant girlfriend, who's played by Thandie Newton, Tom Cruise's love interest from Mission: Impossible 2. Makemba (Newton) is a feisty and dedicated AIDS worker he met in the Congo, and she may finally be the woman to make our Carter the man we always hoped he'd become over the past 10(!) seasons. But I'll always remember Newton as the woman at the heart of this riveting promise: "You have Chimera in your blood! I will get you Bellerophon!" I'm still baffled by the Oscar snub. (FYI: Bellerophon was a Greek lad sent to slay the Chimera, a beast with the head of a lion and the tail of a dragon. Use that the next time cocktail party banter wanes!)

Rich Girls Top 5 Quotes: 1. "Ally and I flew south for my first L.A. trip." — Huh?! They live in Manhattan! 2. "Then you can have theme nights for dinner." — Jaime, on the fringe benefits of adopting a child from a foreign country. 3. "But you meet a lot of good people there, supposedly." — Ally, on the pros of rehab. 4. "I feel like I lost hair on the trip. It's so thin." — Jaime, on the perils of air travel. 5. "I think I kinda need them." — Jaime, calling her mom to justify the purchase of a pair of $455 boots. (Meanwhile, I just put a half-price winter coat on hold for a day so I could use a 20% off coo-pon! Or is it queue-pon?)